What is Sorghum?

Sorghum is a hearty, drought-tolerant ancient grain that has many uses all over the world. It can be cooked like rice or farro, ground into flour, rolled like oats to make porridge, and more.

Sorghum is the foundation of all our snack recipes and we source all of our sorghum grain from just one farm in Kansas!

  • Ancient Super Grain

    Sorghum is ancient grain that is far and away more nutrient dense than any other grain grown today. Our snacks are fiber rich, full of antioxidants and iron, and naturally gluten free all thanks to sorghum!

  • Nutrient Dense

    You may find you feel more full for longer from just a small serving of our sorghum snacks. That's because our crackers and popsorghum are nutrient dense—more nutrients per ounce than other snacks.

  • Kind to Our Earth

    Grain Sorghum requires 30% less water than other grains. It's also known to help regenerate and build soil health while supporting wildlife habitats across the Plains.

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Safe Snacks for All

From the moment we began this company, we were deeply committed to keeping every product we made safe and enjoyable for as many people as possible.

Our sorghum-based snacks have always been Top 9 Allergen Free, gluten free, completely plant-based/vegan, and made without added sugars. You can rest assured that you're getting quality, safety, and a delicious taste all in one bite—that is our Symphony Promise™.